The Gospel Standard Magazines

The Gospel Standard Magazine was originated by John Gadsby (1808-1893) in 1835 with the assistance and support of his father, William Gadsby (1773-1844). The magazine was commenced to contend for the doctrines of grace, but especially for the necessity and gracious, sanctifying effect of the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of the Lord's people.  It also advocated believer's baptism and strict communion.  The preaching of such men as William Gadsby, John Warburton, John Kershaw and J. C. Philpot (one of the first editors of the magazine) stood out against the more moderate and general Calvinism which, along with the infusion of a dry and legal spirit, was beginning to appear in Baptist churches. As one old, well-tried Christian exclaimed of Mr Gadsby’s ministry, "It is not a new doctrine - but the old, preached with life and power." The circulation of the magazine grew rapidly and was much appreciated by many who found it an interpreter of their experience and proved the Lord's blessing on it.  In the early 1860s the editor, J. C. Philpot, gave a most gracious defence of the doctrine of the Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus, concerning which there had been many errors propagated and which resulted in a division among the Strict Baptist churches.
It was as a result of this division that many of the Strict Baptist churches began to align themselves with the Gospel Standard Magazine and have become known as Gospel Standard Baptists.  Thus a list of Gospel Standard churches appeared; there are about 115 at the present time including those from overseas.  The Gospel Standard is still published and was edited by B. A. Ramsbottom until the end of 2015.  The current editor is T. J. Rosier, pastor of Priory Chapel, Maidstone, Kent.
The Friendly Companion Magazine was begun in the mid 1860s by John Gadsby as a magazine for children.  It existed in its initial form for only two years, but was restarted as rather different magazine in 1875.  It has now been published regularly for many years alongside the Gospel Standard and today is edited by Gerald D. Buss, pastor of the Old Baptist Chapel, Chippenham, Wiltshire.
In 2009 a new magazine aimed at the 16-25 age group was started, called Perception. This is edited by Mr T.H.W. Scott.
To order any of the magazines please contact one of the following:

United Kingdom:  Mr D. J. Christian, Tel: 01582 762717: Email:

United States:   Mr J. K. Stehouwer, Tel: (001) 616 453 2892

Australia:  Mr. H. J. Flitton,  Tel: (03) 5274 9118

Holland:  Mr G. Clements,  Tel: 0184 691091 (0031 184 691091 from UK)
Prices for annual subscriptions are:
Gospel Standard £ 20 US$ 49 Canadian$ 61 Australian$ 55 Holland € 36
Friendly Companion £ 13.50 US$ 39 Canadian$ 48 Australian$ 44 Holland € 29
One GS and one FC £ 29 US$ 65 Canadian$ 81 Australian$ 72 Holland € 47
Perception  £ 10 US$ 23 Canadian$ 28 Australian$ 27 Holland € 18


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