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Brighton Bethesda COVID-19 Outbreak

Three residents and one member of staff Bethesda, Brighton have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully their symptoms are not severe but it does mean that we need to take some additional precautions to protect residents, staff and visitors.
Your help and cooperation in this matter is welcomed. The families of the residents have been informed and only the resident’s single ‘essential’ visitor will now be able to meet with them in their rooms (negative LFT test will be required please). Other friends and family members will meet residents either outside in the grounds or using the visitors’ room, provided that the resident is not required to self-isolate (i.e. have recently tested positive). We would like to limit the number of visitors to the Home (in accordance with the guidance of Public Health England) and we would ask you to book your visits using the Bethesda web site or by telephoning the Home in advance. If you feel unwell or are running a temperature above normal we would kindly ask that you don’t visit Bethesda until you are better. If you are able to test yourself for Covid before visiting the Home, this would be a sensible precaution and appreciated by the staff. The Home does have some LFT kits which will be made available for use by visitors. We are also asking all visitors to wear masks during their visits and to wash their hands with soap and water and/or apply hand gel. Morning reading will be carried out remotely for a few days whilst we assess the situation.
We pray that the Lord will, in his great mercy, grant healing to those affected and prevent the further spread of the virus within Bethesda. We pray too that he will strengthen and help the managers and staff as they deal with this difficult situation.