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COVID-19 Update, Harpenden Home

COVID-19 Update 4th April 2020
We are thankful to report that both the Homes at Brighton and Studley are continuing to operate as usual, given the current conditions, and residents and staff appear to be free from the virus symptoms at present.
Harpenden Home - Staff: The situation here is being monitored closely as we have a number of staff who are either still 'self-isolating' and others who have either shown or are showing symptoms of the Coronavirus and cannot work in the Home.
Harpenden Home - Residents: Those residents who were experiencing virus related symptoms are currently no worse and are continuing to be cared for using recommended 'barrier care' methods. Additionally two other residents are now showing similar symptoms.
The Trustees, General Manager, Managers and staff are extremely grateful for the many offers of help from volunteers willing to assist at this time of need. We hope and pray that the members of staff who were compelled to 'self isolate' may be able to return to work again shortly.
The Trustees would acknowledge the Lord's goodness and mercy in answering many prayers enabling our Homes to continue operating in these trying times. Your continued prayerful  interest and messages of support are much appreciated and valued. 

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