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COVID - 19 Update 13th June 2020

   We are grateful to the Lord for continuing to watch over the three Bethesda Homes and keeping them safe from COVID-19 infection. It is also pleasing to note that all the residents and staff at the Brighton and Studley Bethesda Homes have been tested for the virus and everyone’s results have come back negative. Plans are in place, during the forthcoming week, to undertake similar testing at the Harpenden Home.
   The trustees are very mindful of the pressures that have been placed on residents, families, relatives and friends during the recent months and weeks due to the lockdown. If the Lord will, we would hope to report soon on a proposed solution to provide controlled visiting to the homes that we trust will ensure the safety and safeguarding of the residents and staff yet allow residents to see their loved ones.
   Please continue to pray that the trustees and management teams might be given wisdom to do what is right before the Lord to ensure the care, safety, and well-being of the residents.

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