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COVID - 19 Update 16th May 2020

  Once again we are thankful to report, through the Lord's mercy, that all three Homes - Brighton, Harpenden and Studley - are continuing to operate as 'normal' and there is a further general improvement of health among staff and residents. 
  However, whilst we have proved the Lord's gracious help to Bethesda during the past few weeks, it is still prudent that all relevant precautions continue. 
  Following the recent statement made by the Prime Minister, sadly on Lords' Day 10th May, there was no mention of relaxing the prevailing visiting restrictions for Care Homes. The current conditions that are in place, relative to visiting the Homes by family, friends and supporters will therefore continue. 
   If the Lord will, we will notify you when any changes are announced to the current regulations.
   Once more the Trustees acknowledge the Lord's goodness in watching over the Homes - residents and staff - during another week.

'Whate'er be our wants, we need not to fear;
   Our numerous complaints his mercy will hear;
 His fulness shall yield us abundant supplies;
    His power shall shield us when dangers arise.'
                                                Gadsby's 184 v 2

Note: For further details and information see the latest: Bethesda COVID-19 update Saturday, 16 May 2020  which is sent out to those on the ‘Friends of Bethesda’ email list. To be added to the email list, contact: Copies of past website updates can be found at:
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