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COVID - 19 Update 30th May 2020

   Our weekly update once more records the Lord's mercy to Bethesda. All three Homes are continuing to operate - with the Lord's help - albeit with the present COVID - 19 precautions still in place and our residents and staff are gradually returning to 'normal'. 
   We are acutely aware of the desire of relatives and friends to visit loved ones in the Homes. Bethesda is exploring what arrangements need to be in place to allow visits, in the Lord’s purposes, to recommence in the Homes. Any easing of restrictions will need to be in line with H.M. Government’s guidelines and ensure that residents, staff, and visitors are not placed at risk of infection. (Jeremiah 32:27)
   Please continue to pray that the trustees and management teams might be given wisdom to do what is right before the Lord to ensure the care, safety, and well-being of the residents.
From today we will not be issuing a weekly bulletin and placing this on the website. We would ask you to regularly check the 'News and Announcement' section on the website, if the Lord will, for future updates.
   The trustees have much cause to return thanks to Almighty God and although as yet the Homes have not completely returned to 'normal' we have seen answers to our many prayers in preserving Bethesda. May we each be given a true spirit of thanksgiving for the Lord's lovingkindness and compassion to us particularly during those anxious times over the past few weeks.
'We'll praise Him for all that is past,
And trust Him for that's to come.'
                                Gadsby's 220 v 7
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