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COVID -19 Update 9th May 2020

We are thankful to report that both the residents and staff in all our Homes - Brighton, Harpenden and Studley - at present continue to be free of the 'signs and symptoms' of the COVID-19 virus. 
The residents are being cared for by the staff in the usual way - taking all appropriate precautions - conscious that the Coronavirus has had a devastating effect in some Care Homes. We sincerely thank our Home Managers and staff for their commitment - particularly in recent weeks.
Although it may be some time before regular visiting can be resumed to the Homes we continue to value the loyal support and prayers of so many friends.
The Trustees have particularly felt that their many prayers have been answered by a merciful Lord during the past few weeks.
    'The Lord Jehovah is my guide;
     He does and will for me provide;
     And in the mount it shall be seen,
     How kind and gracious He has been'.
                                       Gadsby's 513 v 4
Note: For further details and information see the latest: Bethesda COVID-19 update Saturday, 09 May 2020  which is sent out to those on the ‘Friends of Bethesda’ email list. To be added to the email list, contact: Copies of past website updates can be found at:
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