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Job vacancy - Full time Care Home Team Leader

The Harpenden Bethesda Home is currently recruiting a Team Leader (formerly Senior Carer) to support the Home and Assistant Managers. Team Leaders fulfil a key role in ensuring the quality of the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the residents at on a day to day basis within the Home.
The prayerful desire is, if the Lord will, is that there might be someone, with a desire to serve the Lord in the care of the residents and sympathetic to Bethesda’s Christian purpose, who might be led to apply for this role.
Details of the role can be found by clicking here. A comprehensive induction and training programme will be provided to build on the experience of the person appointed.
Please bring this vacancy to the attention of anyone who, you feel, might be interested in this role.
We would also seek your prayerful support that the Lord might provide the Harpenden Home with a suitable Team Leader who has a desire to serve Him, the residents and make the sacrifice that this role might bring. (Acts 16:9).

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