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Open Meetings

The GSBF Committee desires, with the Lord’s help, to ensure Bethesda provides care that meets the current and future needs of the Lord’s elderly people. In order to help us with this process, a series of ‘Open Meetings’ have been arranged to discuss our current proposals and obtain your feedback.

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At the Gospel Standard Bethesda Fund (GSBF) AGM in April 2019, a request was made to the trustees that a meeting should be held so the issues faced by Bethesda could be presented and discussed.

Since that time the GSBF trustees have prayerfully considered and discussed the actions needed to address Bethesda’s current challenges and the care provision offered by Bethesda, to ensure that it meets the needs of both current and future generations.

The GSBF trustees have now arranged, if the Lord will, a series of ‘Open Meetings’ in November 2019 to share our current thinking and to seek feedback on our thoughts and proposals. This, we trust, will help ensure that whatever the way forward for Bethesda might be, then as far as possible, the needs of those we seek to serve, both now and in the future, have been considered.

We would like to encourage a wide age range of attendance, therefore the meetings are not restricted to any age group, but are open to all those who may have a current or future interest in the care services offered by Bethesda (either for themselves, or for others).

A copy of the poster that has been distributed to Gospel Stand chapels and the Bethesda homes has been attached. This provides information on the locations for the meetings and further details.

In addition to the ‘Open Meetings’, there will be an opportunity to provide feedback on any additional thoughts, that individuals might have, to the trustees either online or in writing.

We do look forward to meeting those who have a concern for the future of Bethesda so that it continues to be a provision for the Lord’s people in their older years - whatever that provision might be.

Finally, we value your prayers and support; we do desire that the Lord might grant us wisdom to seek and to do His Will and to all to the honour and glory of His Holy Name.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Ridout


(For and on behalf of the Bethesda Trustees)

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