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Open meetings

The Bethesda Fund Trustees would like to thank all those that attended the open meetings and for making these a success. 

Dear Subscribers and Friends of Bethesda,

I would take this opportunity, on behalf of the trustees, to thank you for your attendance and support at the recent Open Meetings that were held to consider a possible way forward for Bethesda. We would also thank those of you who have returned feedback questionnaires, this is very much appreciated.

As was stated at the Open Meetings and in the covering letter within the information pack, the purpose of the meetings was: to share a possible way forward for Bethesda and seek feedback to help us determine, in the fear of the Lord, whether the proposed way forward for Bethesda was the right one before making any final decisions.

We have been encouraged by the number of feedback questionnaires received together with responses set out in letters and emails. Subject to final crosschecking, then we have received 207 feedback questionnaires.

An initial analysis of the numerical data has been undertaken and the next step, over the forthcoming weeks, will be to analyse the wide-ranging comments received and, in turn, to consider prayerfully the views and points identified in the feedback.

Do pray that help and wisdom might be given in analysing the questionnaires and the written responses so that we are enabled to seek and discern the Lord’s will for Bethesda. As was also said at the Open Meetings, Bethesda is more than the ‘organisation’; Bethesda is about serving the care needs of our residents both now and in the future.

The trustees have also been addressing, with the Bethesda management team, the financial challenges that we face. Consequently, meetings have been held to scrutinise rigorously the budgets for 2020 so that are fit for purpose and allow us to determine appropriate fee levels in ensuring the sustainability of the Charity. This being in line with the commitment made in the presentation at the recent Open Meetings.

As helped of the Lord, we will share, in 2020, the key messages from the Open Meetings’ feedback and our response to these in determining the way forward for Bethesda.

Thank you for your continued support.

Brethren pray for us - for we feel to need your prayers and above all for the Lord to appear.

On behalf of the Bethesda trustees,

Michael (Ridout)

Chairman Gospel Standard Bethesda Fund

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