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GSBF Moving forward – acquisition of land in Swavesey, Cambridgeshire

On Wednesday, 30 June 2021, we trust in the Lord’s purposes, the sale to Bethesda of a plot of land in Swavesey, Cambridgeshire was completed. If the Lord will, it is intended that this plot of land will be used to build independent living accommodation as set out in the Open Meetings held in November 2019 and the document “The Future Direction of Bethesda” circulated earlier this year. Although, as trustees, we have set out the way forward for Bethesda; we look to the Lord to continue to guide us both now and in the future.
In the providential leadings and dealings of the Lord, the purchase of the plot started, as a result of the Swavesey Open Meeting in 2019, when the thought was sown in the minds of a family who were prayerfully seeking direction as to the way forward in regard to the disposal of a house and adjoining land in close proximity to the chapel.
During 2020, the family approached the trustees with regard to the suitability of the plot for Bethesda’s future purposes. At an initial online meeting between several of the Trustees and the family much unity of spirit was felt. The trustees laid the matter before the Lord and felt that it was right to venture in the proposal by taking professional advice from a planning consultant and a property valuer.
As trustees, we would record, in thankfulness to the Lord, the oneness and amicable spirit felt between the parties over this matter together with a united desire to walk honourably before the Lord.
The trustees have also ensured that the dealings in this matter have been undertaken in a transparent way so that the responsibilities placed on them by the Word of God and the Charity Commission have been fulfilled. (The trustees had also prayed that if this matter was not of the Lord then He would overturn it.)
In the unfolding of providence, the trustees now look to the Lord to guide them in the pathway ahead and the prayerful steps that will have to be taken.
The trustees continue to prayerfully commit their way to the Lord that our thoughts might be established as to the future residential care provision that is right for Bethesda both now and in the future.
We will keep residents, staff and supporters informed of events as they unfold and develop.    
Brethren pray for us.
Michael (Ridout)
Chairman GSBF
July 2021

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