Manuscript Sermons

The Gospel Standard Library possesses many sermons in manuscript which it has acquired over some years, and recently a project was initiated in collaboration with the Gospel Standard Trust to scan these sermons to make them available to download, trusting they might be useful for others to access and read.  At present there are only a few sermons, but we hope to add others as the project proceeds. The sermons are by ministers who have passed away, and as some have been transcribed from shorthand after the minister's death, reviewing and correction by the author has not been possible, nor have the sermons been otherwise checked.  The Library would appreciate comments on any of the sermons.  The sermons are listed in text order under the minister who preached them.  Select the minister from the list below or use the links to the left of this page, and then click on the text to download any particular sermon.

A. Lithgoe   J.W. Tyler   R.J. Moore
C.D. Alexander   J.W. Tyler Prayer Meeting Addresses   R Kinderman
C Cornwell        J.W. Walder        R.S Jupp
C.F. Boerkoel   John Cennick   Rev C Bradley
C. Hemington   John Harwood   Rev G Abrahams
D.G. Crowter   John Kemp   Rev Hugh Mcneile
F.L. Gosden   John S Green   Rev Thomas Jones
Francis Covell   Joseph Irons    Robert Knill
G.J. Collier   Joseph Jarvis   S. Delves
G.M. Shaw   L.R.J. Broome   S.R. Hunt
George Burder   L.S.B Hyde   Septimus Sears
H. Dawson   L.S.B Hyde Addresses   T. Bradbury
H. Haddow   Mr Bradford   T.H. Hayler
Henry.B. Bulteel   Mr E Carr   T. Hull
J.Delves    Mr Foster   W. Botten
J.Delves Prayer Meeting Addresses    Mr Marshall   W. Brooke
J.E Hazelton   Mr Moxon   W. Croft
J.H. Gosden   Mr Oldfield   W. Haddow
J.K. Popham   O. Pack   W. Huntington
J.K. Popham Prayer Meeting Addresses   P.W. Howe   W. Romaine
J. Raven        



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