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About the library

The Library was commenced in 1949 by Mr S.F.Paul with the desire to prevent many good books being lost or destroyed through relatives having no interest in such literature. It had humble beginnings in a basement of a house in Brighton and many hours were spent classifying and cataloguing the books, most of which had been donated. Gradually the stock of books increased and by the 1970’s the facilities were becoming inadequate and plans were made for a purpose built Library to be erected in the grounds of the Hove Bethesda Home. This was completed in 1980 and the books transferred to their lighter and well appointed new home. 

In 2003 a small extension was added to house bookbinding equipment and to provide facilities to repair and re-bind books as necessary.

Range of Books 

The Library covers a wide range of Calvinistic, Puritan and Reformed literature and there are well over 10,000 books and more than 2,000 pamphlets, leaflets and booklets as well a good number of typescript sermons.

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Hope Library (USA)

In 2010 Hope Library, which is affiliated to the GS Baptist Library, was opened in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.  This has about 1500 books at present and is intended to facilitate borrowing for friends in USA and Canada.  A list of the books held there can be downloaded from the Library Details Page.

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