Society / Historical Background

Historical Background

In 1872 a charitable society was formed by John Gadsby and several other interested friends - it was called the Gospel Standard Aid Society and its object was to assist poor ministers.  Five years later in 1877 the Gospel Standard Poor Relief Society was formed to assist poor friends who were not ministers.  Up to this point the Gospel Standard and Friendly Companion magazines were owned personally by John Gadsby, but in 1878 he handed over the magazines by deed of gift to the Societies and all profits arising from the magazines now accrued to the recently formed societies, which has continued.  In 2007 the two societies were merged into one, known simply as the Gospel Standard Society.  So today the Gospel Standard Society is still a charitable foundation providing support to ministers, churches and poorer friends in the Gospel Standard connexion.

Friends who are in need of financial assistance, or those who know of others who may be in need, are encourage to contact the Secretary of the Society, Mr. D. J. Christian using the form on the Contact Us page.

The Society's Committee also has the responsibility for electing the editors of the magazines and managing their content, as well as maintaining the list of affiliated chapels and ministers which is published in the Gospel Standard magazine.