Assistance for Chapels / Reports and Addresses
This page is to enable past Annual Reports of the Gospel Standard Trust to be downloaded, and also addresses given at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in mid-May of each year.  Click on the date to download any document.  Printed copies are available on request from the Secretary - see the Contact Us page for details.

Annual Reports and Accounts

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Notice of Annual General Meeting – May 18, 2024

The Notice may be downloaded here
The Report may be downloaded here

Annual Addresses

Year Location Author and Subject
2017 Attleborough T.J. Parish - Living as a Christian in the 21st century
2018 Uffington, Wiltshire G.D. Buss - The Overruling Hand of Almighty God
2019 Redhill, Surrey H. Sant - Martin Luther and the Eternal Sonship of Christ
2021 Oakington, Cambridgeshire E. Buss - Spiritual Lessons from the Recent Restoration of Oakington Chapel
2022 Matfield, Kent R. Wheatley - A church with little strength but an open door set before it
2023 Colnbrook, Berks Dr M. Hyde - The Church