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The newsletters which are normally issued every six months can be downloaded here:

Manuscript Sermons

In collaboration with the Gospel Standard Trust, a project has been started to scan several hundred manuscript sermons owned by the Library of ministers who have now passed away, trusting that these might be of help and profit to others.  It is hoped eventually to put all the sermons on this web site for downloading.  Click here to go to the sermons page or use the link on the menu at the left of this page.

Related to sermons, there are three documents which can be downloaded, which may be of help to those searching for sermons by a particular minister.  They are:

    List of Sermons published in the "Gospel Banner" Magazine 1879-1916
    List of Sermons published "The Sower" Magazine 1868-1950
    List of Sermons published in "Zion's Witness" Magazine 1848-2016

Library Catalogues

List of downloadable catalogues for the UK and US Libraries

Full catalogue for the main library. (pdf format 1.5 Mb). 

Bound Tracts and Pamphlets for the Main Library. (pdf format 240 Kb)

Sometimes where many sermons and addresses are bound together, the entries may not show the details of individual records.  More details can usually be obtained by emailing the library.

Catalogue for the Hope Library in Classification Order. (pdf format 140Kb)

Catalogue for the Hope Library in Author Order. (pdf format 140 Kb)

Details of Church Records. (pdf format 130kb)

You'll need Adobe Reader to view these files, click here to download the Reader