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Subscriptions to Magazines published by the Gospel Standard Society

Annual subscriptions to the magazines published by the GS Society can be purchased online here.  Payment is through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account – you can use a credit card.  Please only use this facility if you want the magazines to be sent direct to your home address. If you would prefer yours to be sent in a package along with those of other subscribers to your local place of workship (which is cheaper because of reduced postage costs), please contact your local representative.  You may also phone or send a message – please go to the Magazines 'Contact Us' page.

Subscriptions are grouped by country/currency.  Select the country or region you live in below and click 'Add to cart' for any subscription you wish to purchase.  When you are ready to complete payment, click on 'View Society Cart' at the top of this or subsequent pages.  Please note that a combined subscription to both the Gospel Standard and Friendly Companion magazines is cheaper than individual subscriptions to both, because postage costs are reduced as these are sent out together.  The Perception magazine is published quarterly and is always sent separately.

To conform with European General Data Protection regulations, we need to state that if you subscribe to any of the magazines, your name and address will be passed to the Gospel Standard Trust who print out the address labels for the Gospel Standard Society.  By subscribing to a magazine you agree to us using your address to send you the magazine.  You can access the privacy policy of the GS Society using the link at the bottom of this page.  The Gospel Standard Society does not use the personal data of subscribers for marketing purposes.

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