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On this page there is a selection of articles, books and annual volumes of magazines which can be freely downloaded. Most are in PDF format and will require Adobe Reader to view them. Simply click on the link to download. The pictures in all volumes prior to 2012 of the Friendly Companion are set to low resolution to reduce the size of the files.  Although all annual volumes of the magazines from 2004 onward are available here freely, the complete sets of both magazines from their commencement can be purchased on DVD or USB from the Publications web site here.  These are also fully indexed and cross-linked (the advantage of the USB is that clicking on an index entry will open the relevant magazine at the correct page).

Gospel Standard Magazine

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Files are up to 10 Mb each. 

These PDF files do not contain the magazine wrappers.  If you would like the versions with wrappers, please contact us using the form on the Contact us page.

Friendly Companion Magazine

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Perception Magazine

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Other books and pamphlets for download

Immersion: the True Meaning of Baptism - an article by the former Editor of the Gospel Standard, B. A. Ramsbottom
Articles of Faith usually subscribed to by Gospel Standard Churches.

List of Chapels affiliated to the Gospel Standard with service times. 

Who are We? - A booklet with more information about the Gospel Standard Strict Baptists
If you own a Gospel Standard DVD (1835-2008 or later) or a Friendly Companion DVD (1875-2011 or later) or a Gospel Standard Magazines Collection USB stick, it can be updated to include all magazines up to and including the last complete year.  Please go to the GS Trust Publications downloads page for more details.