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Friendly Companion 1875-2018 on DVD

This DVD contains every Friendly Companion Magazine from 1875 to 2015 in PDF format. All articles are indexed and cross-linked, so that clicking on any article in the index will open the article for reading. The DVD uses Adobe Reader, version 8 or newer, and should work on any platform which can run Adobe Reader.  Updates to the DVD to include the latest magazines can be downloaded from the 'Downloads' page of this web site.

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Gadsby's Hymnbook on CD

William Gadsby

The complete text of Gadsbys Hymns in database format with comprehensive search facilities. Also includes a complete line by line index, with the full text of each line and the full text of the hymnbook in Adobe PDF format and Word/WordPerfect format. There are also versions of the hymnbook for Amazon Kindle and other ebook readers using the EPUB format. Requires Windows 95 or later.

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Gospel Standard (1835-2018) on DVD

This DVD contains every Gospel Standard magazine published from 1835 to 2012 in Adobe PDF format. All articles are indexed, with links to allow direct access to any article from an index entry. All indexes are searchable, as is the text of all the magazines.  Works best with Adobe Reader 8 or later, on any platform which supports Adobe Reader.  For those who purchased the earlier version of the DVD with magazines up to 2008, updates can be obtained from the Downloads page on this website to include the magazines for years up to 2016.

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Gospel Standard Magazine Collection

J A Kingham (compiler)

This is a USB flash drive containing in PDF format all 'Gospel Standard', 'Friendly Companion' and 'Perception' magazines published since their inception.  All magazines are fully indexed and against each index entry is a hyperlink which will open the relevant magazine at the correct page. 

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