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This website lists all the books published by the Trust which are currently in print. The Christian Bookshop Ossett are now responsible for the distribution of these titles, so each title has a link to the relevant place on their website to complete your purchase. For more details see How to Order. We hope you will enjoy browsing through the site and our publications and that you will find something useful, interesting and spiritually profitable.

Marks of the True Church

K.F.T. Matrunola

The church is the bride of Christ, Christ’s jewel. The doctrine of the church should
rank very highly in our esteem. It should be an important question with all – am I a
member of the church? Salvation is to be united to Christ. If we love Christ, we will
want to serve and honour him in, and as part of, the church. Because Christ and his
church are one, we can legitimately say: there is no safety outside the church! It is
essential that we know what the church is, and what Christ has ordained for it. Too
many take these things lightly today and consider them secondary issues. A study
of church history shows that many godly people of past generations have given their
lives or suffered the loss of many possessions for this doctrine. May we hold it as
dearly today. The publishers pray that this book will be blessed of God to stir many
up to again lay hold on this precious doctrine.

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Joshua - Man of Courage

This is the sixth book in the Faithful Footsteps series, which follow the lives of faithful men and women of the Bible, in a style that can be easily understood by young children.  The books can be read over and over again, and used alongside the Sketches colouring books.  This book tells the story of Joshua. Imagine you have been a slave. You have just escaped, and now you have been asked to lead an army. You and your men have not had any training. Would you be brave enough to fight? Fi...

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Olney - the home of Amazing Grace

Paperback edition marking the 250th Anniversary, on 1st January 1773, when the well-known hymn Amazing Grace was first sung. The delightful old-world town of Olney retains so many reminders of former times of blessing, especially during the ministry of John Newton, who had been rescued from a life of moral degradation. In his time, Olney gained a well-deserved reputation as a place of warm Christian fellowship among its gospel-loving congregations. It was from here that spiritual light sh...

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The Church of Acts Two

‘ And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers … And all that believed were together, and had all things common … praising God, and having favour with all the people. ’ (Acts 2:42-47) That is Luke’s description of the New Testament church, built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The foundation has not changed. The Word of God has not altered. Do you recognise this as a...

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A Pillar in the Church - Sydney Frank Paul

Little known outside his circle, Sydney Frank Paul (1883-1971) was a remarkable servant of the church of Christ. For many years he faithfully served as deacon at Galeed Chapel, Brighton. When he retired from work at the age of 60, he gave the remainder of his life to serving the wider group of Gospel Standard churches. He edited the magazines circulated among those churches, and wrote over 30 books. In all these roles Mr Paul was a shining example of grace in exercise: humility, commitment ...

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