Assistance for Chapels / Documents / 2. Registration for Worship

Registration for worship


  1. Most Gospel Standard chapels will have been registered for public worship. It is not mandatory that they be so, unless they are used for the solemnisation of marriage. Registered chapels are exempt from general rates but not from water and sewerage rates.
  2. To apply for registration, Form 76 has to be completed and submitted with accompanying documents to your local superintendent registrar. The form can be obtained from your local registrar, or from the General Register Office (phone 0300 123 1837; email or from
  3. If a chapel ceases to be used for public worship, it is mandatory that it be de-registered by submitting Form 77 ‘Notice of disuse of a certified place of worship’ (obtained from the same sources as in 2 above) to the local superintendent registrar. If it is subsequently re-opened for public worship, registration if desired or needed, would have to be obtained by the process given in 2 above.
  4. For demolition of a registered chapel and construction of a new chapel on the same site, the need to de-register the old building and register the new, should be discussed with the local superintendent registrar.