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A Pillar in the Church - Sydney Frank Paul

Matthew Hyde (Ed)

Little known outside his circle, Sydney Frank Paul (1883-1971) was a remarkable servant of the church of Christ. For many years he faithfully served as deacon at Galeed Chapel, Brighton. When he retired from work at the age of 60, he gave the remainder of his life to serving the wider group of Gospel Standard churches. He
edited the magazines circulated among those churches, and wrote over 30 books. In all these roles Mr Paul was a shining example of grace in exercise: humility, commitment and love. 
This book contains a biography of Mr Paul, together with a record of his spiritual leadings as written by himself. These are supplemented with samples of his writings, a record of grace in his wider family, and a collection of family art and photographs.
There is much lethargy and ease today, and few men and women who stand out as pillars in the church. The book calls us to ask whether we are faithfully serving the Lord in our day. It reminds the church of the lack of servants like Mr Paul. May it promote prayer and exercise in the heart of the reader that the Lord would yet favour Zion with true deacons like Mr Paul.


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