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Gospel Standard Magazine Collection

J A Kingham (compiler)

This is a USB flash drive containing in PDF format all 'Gospel Standard', 'Friendly Companion' and 'Perception' magazines published since their inception.  All magazines are fully indexed and against each index entry is a hyperlink which will open the relevant magazine at the correct page.  Gospel Standard Magazines cover the period 1835 to 2018, Friendly Companion from 1875 to 2018 and Perception from 2009 to 2018.  It is hoped to provide updates at the end of future years to enable the collection to be kept up to date - please see the downloads page for further information. For more details on what devices the flash drive will work on, select the 'look inside book' option to view the instruction booklet.
If you have previously purchased a Gospel Standard DVD or a Friendly Companion DVD, a preferential price of £21 is available - please contact us by email to obtain this.


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