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Pastoral Counsel

George Rose

George Rose was born in 1873 into a poor family in the ‘Black Country’ of the West Midlands of England. Through many dangers in his early life as a foundry worker and with a meagre education, he was graciously taught of God and eventually became a faithful and highly-esteemed minister. Whilst pastor of Tamworth Road Baptist Chapel in Croydon, a series of “Monthly Circulars” was issued, the first in 1933, and in these were given many short, simple addresses on topical, practical and spiritual issues. Written in the tumultuous times leading up to the Second World War, it was felt that they were worthy of being gathered together in a more permanent form for the current generation. Mr Rose wrote his interesting autobiography entitled “Remembered Mercies Recorded” in 1952, and this can also be purchased from this web site.


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