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We currently have the following vacancies:

Role:               Deputy Home Manager
Location:        Harpenden Bethesda Home
Salary:            £24,000 - £26,500 depending on experience
Desired commencement date: 1 April 2019
About the Role:
We are looking for someone with experience in leaderships roles, either in a care home or hospital environment, to assist our Home Manager in leading caring and compassionate care of elderly persons in a loving, tightknit household.

This is an excellent opportunity to apply compassionate leadership and management skills in the delivery of high quality, personalised care and support services to elderly persons. The Home is a small Protestant Christian care home on the outskirts of a pleasant commuter town in Hertfordshire. The people living in this Home all come from the same group of Strict Baptist chapels, which ensures a close community spirit. They have a range of care needs ranging from low to high. We also support those living with dementia and are looking to develop this aspect of our service further.
As the Deputy Manager you will be responsible for:

  • - Ensuring the purpose and ethos of the Home is maintained
  • - assisting the Home Manager in the day-to-day running of the Home, and, in her absence to take responsibility for the management of the Home,
  • - assisting the Home Manager with care management, quality control and health, safety and welfare documentation,
  • - assisting the Home Manager in managing Bethesda’s staff teams, including administering the staff rota,
  • - providing personalised care and support to residents to a high standard and leading care teams in the fulfilment of this aim.
The skills and attitudes required to be successful in the role of Deputy Manager in Bethesda can be summarised in the following way; you will,
  • - be able to demonstrate through words and actions genuine care, respect and empathy for the residents under your care and to be able to support them in their desired   lifestyle,
  • - share Bethesda’s values of integrity, accountability, compassion and respect, and be able to provide leadership to staff and volunteers in the fulfilment of these,
  • - be able to work closely with the Home Manager in a supporting role to ensure the effective management of the Home,
  • - be able to demonstrate an appropriate management style that is open, fair and consistent,
  • - have an ability to build and sustain positive relationships with staff, residents, volunteers and relatives,
  • - have the required level of knowledge for the role, or be able to demonstrate an ability to achieve it in a reasonable period of time,
  • - be able to provide clarity and guidance for the staff of the Home in the provision of care,
  • - be able to handle conflict and problems promptly and appropriately to achieve a positive resolutions,
  • - have an excellent attitude to dealing with changing circumstances and will be able to assist the Home Manager in leading change in the Home.
About us:
The Gospel Standard Bethesda Fund is a charity set up in 1944 with the specific purpose of providing care and accommodation to the elderly and infirm who are regular attenders at, or members of a Gospel Standard Strict Baptist Chapel.

This service is provided to people with a wide range of personal care needs, including those living with dementia and those with nursing needs who can be treated in our homes by community/district nurses. The types of service offered are; permanent residency, short stays for breaks or respite and day care.

The manner and method of the provision of care and accommodation is designed to reflect the need to provide a spiritual as well as homelike atmosphere for likeminded people. In line with this ethos the life of the Bethesda Homes centres around daily Bible reading and prayer, chapel services which can be attended by residents in person or listened to via the relay into the homes, and prayer meetings and hymn singing evenings organised in the homes.  
The three Bethesda Homes are very much rooted and grounded in the communities from which the people using our services come from. This means that people coming into our Homes will often be living with lifelong friends and, in many cases, relatives as well. The management and staff of the homes (some of whom are also from the same background) are supported by volunteers drawn from local Gospel Standard chapels which means people living in the homes can stay in contact with the people they knew before moving in. 

If you are interested in appling for this role, please contact the General Manager by email on 

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