Bethesda / Visiting the Homes

Guidelines for Home Visiting 

Last updated: 14:30, 14 December 2023

To facilitate the return to normality for the residents following the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was taken to withdraw the visitors booking system which operated during the COVID-19 period. This effectively makes visiting unrestricted within the reasonable boundaries requested below. However, it is important to remember that COVID-19 has not gone away, so all those visiting the Homes are respectfully requested to be extremely careful. The need for robust Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) arrangements for the well-being and protection of the residents and staff remain. This not only applies to COVID-19, but for other infectious illnesses such as flu, Norovirus and the common cold (which can have serious consequences for vulnerable persons) and can be very disruptive to the provision of our service.  

Arranging your visit 
Please bear in mind that all visits are subject to the consent of the resident(s) that you wish to visit. With this in mind it would be helpful to contact the Home prior to your proposed visit in order avoid possible disappointment. This will additionally help staff in supporting the person in readiness for your planned visit.  

It is respectfully requested that you do not visit the Home if you feel unwell, have symptoms of a viral illness, or have reason to believe that you may have been in close contact with a person with a viral illness within the previous five days. 

Infection prevention and control steps are required, i.e. wash hands thoroughly and use sanitising gel.

For the residents convenience, visitors are respectfully requested to avoid visiting during morning and evening worship periods. However, they are welcome to join residents in the lounge for these occasions if they so wish. If a visit does need to coincide with lunch or dinner and you would like to join your loved one, feel free to let us know in advance and we would be pleased to provide you with a meal (charges apply). 
For guidance, usual visiting times are as follows: 


(01273 735735)

Monday to Saturday
11.00am – 12:00pm
1.45pm – 4.30pm
6.00pm - 8pm (except Wednesdays and Fridays when services are broadcast from Galeed Chapel)

(01582 761359)
Monday to Saturday
10:30am – 12:00pm
2.00pm – 4.30pm
6.00pm - 8pm (except Thursdays when services are broadcast from Bethel, Luton)

If necessary, visiting on the Lord's Day (Sunday) can be arranged, but please kindly avoid service times unless you are intending to join with the residents for this very important part of their week. We would respectfully remind all visitors that such visits on this day should observe the biblical commandment to 'Remember the sabbath day (Sunday), to keep it holy' Exodus 20:8. 

The visiting hours have been arranged for the convenience of the residents of the Homes, however, there may be certain exceptional situations where visiting outside of these times is needed (e.g. end of life). In such circumstances visitors are requested to contact the senior member of staff on duty to arrange a visit.