matthew.hyde02Matthew J. Hyde

Matthew Hyde is pastor of Galeed Chapel, Brighton, and also preaches among the Gospel Standard Strict Baptist churches. A scientist by background, he has had a career in clinical research aimed at improving the care of babies. He is married with a family. In his spare time Matthew enjoys investigating and documenting church history

According to Mine Heart

J. K. Popham (compiled by Matthew Hyde)

The collected correspondence of J. K. Popham, late Pastor of Galeed Chapel, Brighton and former editor of 'The Gospel Standard' Magazine. Edited by Matthew Hyde, with additional information relating to Mr. Popham's life and the doctrinal issues he was involved with.

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Brought unto the King

The Diary and Writings of Rhoda A. Gosden

Matthew Hyde (Editor)

Collected together for the first time, this little book contains the diary extracts, letters and poetry written by Rhoda Gosden (1872-1962). Not known to many people today, Mrs Gosden was the wife of Mr John H. Gosden (1882-1964), the pastor at Priory Chapel, Maidstone and Editor of The Gospel Standard magazine.

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By Faith

The Life and Ministry of John Kemp

John Kemp and Others

John Kemp (1850-1932) was a much-loved Strict Baptist minister.  In 1880 he was called to the pastorate of a newly-built chapel, some miles from the nearest village, with a very uncertain future.  By faith John Kemp ventured to accept the call, and he was still faithfully serving his flock 50 years later.  Alongside John Kemp's autobiography, this book contains some of Mr Kemp's previously unpublished letters and sermons.  This book was compiled by Matthew Hyde.

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Contemplations on the God of Israel

William Huntington

This work was first issued from the press in 1802, and comprises a series of nineteen letters written by William Huntington to his closest friend, and brother in the ministry, Jenkin Jenkins. The subject matter is the Trinity, the Person of Christ and the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, and this work is often considered the best of all Huntington's writings, contending earnestly for the faith but in love to a friend, rather than contending against those who opposed the truth. The text has been edited by Matthew Hyde.

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Expositions of Holy Scripture

J.C. Philpot

It was J.C. Philpot's custom, following his Scripture reading, briefly to expound the passage he had read, before proceeding to his prayer and sermon. This is a collection of twenty-eight of these pulpit expositions, edited by Matthew Hyde.

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The Christian Remembrancer

Ambrose Serle (edited by Matthew Hyde)

The Christian Remembrancer consists of eighty-seven brief meditations on matters pertaining to the soul experience and daily life of the Lord’s people, under three headings: The Word and Work of God in Man’s Redemption by Jesus Christ, The Inward and Practical Experience of Redemption in the Heart of the Believer, and The Believer’s Outward Conversation and  Conduct with Others.

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With Mercy and With Judgement

Strict Baptists and the First World War

Matthew J. Hyde

In the thick of the dreadful sufferings of war, how do Christians respond?  This book presents the diaries, letters and poetry written during the First World War by men and women in one small group of churches - the Strict Baptists.  We are given insight into their soul exercises, their daily lives and their Christian profession amid those trying circumstances.

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