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Friendly Companion DVD/USB Update Instructions

  The procedure for updating the Friendly Companion DVD or the Gospel Standard magazines on USB stick is similar - for the USB stick the relevant files are under under the 'FC' folder.  The USB stick can be updated directly if you wish, though it may be safer if you have copied it to your hard disc first.  The Friendly Companion DVD should only be updated once it has been copied to a hard disc.
     You should end up with a folder structure like this:
    To update the installation to include the 2012 to 2020 magazines, you will need to download up to 12 files from the ‘Downloads’ page.
1. The  2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 magazines (whichever ones you are missing).  These files will be called FC2012.pdf, FC2013.pdf, FC2014.pdf, etc. and should be copied into the ‘fc3’ folder.  
2. The startup (opening) page.  This file is called fc.pdf and should be copied into the root folder as above to replace the existing file of the same name.
3. The updated index for the period 1965 - March 2017 if you have had to copy any of the 2012-2017 magazines.  This file will be called fcindex3.pdf and should be copied into the ‘index’ folder to replace the existing file of the same name.
4.  The (new) index for the period April 2017 - December 2020.  This file will be called fcindex4.pdf and should be copied into the 'Index' folder, to replace a file of the same name if it already exists.
5.  You will need to create a new folder called fc4 (if it does not already exist), and copy the 2017 - 2020 magazines (FC2017.pdf, FC2018.pdf, FC2019.pdf and FC2020.pdf) into this folder as well.  A new index was started in April 2017 because a new editor was appointed and the index periods are grouped by editor.
   If you have the DVD you may create a new DVD if you wish, simply by writing the entire folder structure as in the picture above to a new writable DVD, but you must still observe the terms of the licence agreement (see the cover of the DVD case) — you may not give the original DVD or a copy to someone else to use.
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