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Perception USB Update Instructions

The GS Magazines USB stick can be updated directly if you wish, though it may be safer if you have copied it to your hard disc first.  The relevant files are under the 'PC' folder which should look like this:
As of the 2021 magazines, a correction has been made to the index, which means that the magazine files will have to be updated too, to work with the new index format.  So to update the installation you will need to download these files from the ‘Downloads’ page.
1. The magazines from 2009 to 2021.  These files will be called pc2009.pdf to pc2021.pdf and should be copied into the ‘pc1’ folder to replace all existing files that are there. From 2022 onwards, only the latest magazine file needs to be downloaded to the 'pc1' folder.
2. The updated index for the period from 2009 until now.  This file is called pcindex1.pdf and should be copied into the ‘index’ folder to replace the existing file of the same name.